Our Story

Food safety is our number one priority. As an industry leader, we have researched the latest technologies available that best keep our products safe without compromising great taste. In a field crowded with opinions and unqualified conjecture, we feel strongly about having actual science to support our decisions. This is why we use an extra measure of food safety called high pressure processing for our products. High pressure processing is the most popular measure of food safety utilized in the juice industry and this process will allow us to continue our mission of providing highly-nutritious products which are both safe and delicious.

In order to ensure the nutritional integrity of our products were not compromised, we commissioned the UCLA School of Medicine to study the impact of the high pressure process on the nutritional value of our juices. The study showed that a range of Pressed Juicery juices that have been through the process exhibit high antioxidant activity and contain diverse phenolic compounds that can contribute to health benefits after their consumption. These studies were presented at the American Society of Nutrition Conference in December 2015. According to UCLA School of Medicine, “Crave Cafe products are in general dense in nutrition, low in sugar, yet high in fiber and are a sensible way of consuming calories.” Health supportive foods come in many different forms and at The Crave Cafe our food is never boring and bland, instead exciting and creative.